Open Positions

International postdoc applicants will be required to seek fellowship funding e.g. Humboldt postdoctoral fellowship

Topics of study which are expected to be growth areas in the group over the next years include

  • Studies of patchy/Janus particles self-assembly (suitable for someone with background in chemistry, physics)
  • Studies of the optical properties of single plasmonic particles (suitable for someone with a background in physics/applied physics/materials science)

If you have specific experience in any of these areas we would be very interested to discuss a possible position in our group. We welcome speculative applications provided a clear academic and preferably research backgroud in related fields (chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology, chemical engineering etc.) exist. If you are interested in interdisciplinary research combining colloidal synthesis of complex multifunctional nanoparticulate materials, morphological and functional characterisation as well as exploitation in application-relevant systems please send a resume (with publication list, if applicable) and a list of references to robin.klupp.taylor (at)

Hiwis and student projects (Bachelor/Master/Diplomarbeit)

We are looking for highly motivated Bachelor’s and Master’s students to carry out their projects in our group. If you find our work interesting and would like to know more about these opportunities then please contact Prof. Robin Klupp Taylor  or the respective doctoral researchers in the group.